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Women's Health Physiotherapy

​From puberty to pregnancy, post-partum to menopause, a woman’s body goes through many changes throughout her lifespan. While many of the discomforts and pains we feel are common, they can be treated.


Andrea helps women of all ages regain symptom-free movement and function, as well as helping to optimize activity and athletic performance through an understanding of the interrelated systems that are unique to women.


Common Women's Health Conditions treated:

  • Pregnancy & Post-Partum conditions including preparing for labour and delivery, incontinence, constipation, sacroiliac joint and low back pain, sciatica, rib pain/ numbness, abdominal tearing (diastasis recti), weak core and/or pelvic floor, "mummy tummy", blocked milk ducts, cesarean and episiotomy scars, pubic bone or tailbone pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and more; as well as educating on safe return to activities and sports.


  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse, heaviness &/or bulging, incomplete emptying, or urinary/ fecal incontinence


  • Sexual health issues including pain with intercourse, lack of sensation, vaginal atrophy &/or dryness, clitoral pain, etc.


  • Breast Issues including blocked milk ducts, fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer-related impairments including post-surgical (lump- or mastectomy) scarring, pain, & swelling, breast implant or reconstruction tightness, pain, or weakness and related head, neck, shoulder, arm and hand issues.



  • Female athletic dysfunctions and concerns including recurrent sprains, hypermobility, scoliosis, decreased core control, chronic aches and pains, and returning to activity

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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

While Andrea treats any musculoskeletal condition, she also treats pelvic health conditions for both men and women. Andrea believes that this often under treated area is very important as they directly relate to our basic human functions (digestive and elimination, stability in movement, sexual, and reproductive health), as well as influencing quality of life through activities and hobbies, job, family, relationships, and more.



Common Pelvic Health Conditions treated:

  • Urinary urgency, frequency and/or incontinence, poor urine flow, hesitancy, interrupted or incomplete emptying


  • Overactive bladder, painful bladder syndrome (interstitial cystitis)


  • Bowel Dysfunction including chronic constipation, fecal urgency &/or incontinence, and incomplete emptying


  • Pelvic Girdle Pain:

    • Women: Vaginismus (vaginal pain), Vulvodynia or Vestibulodynia (vulvar pain), Dyspaneuria (painful intercourse), pubic bone or tailbone pain, pelvic pain with a history of abdominopelvic surgery like hysterectomy, oophorectomy, fibroid removal and the like                                         

    • Men: Painful erection or ejaculation, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, testicular and penile pain syndrome, pubic or tailbone pain, pelvic pain with a history of abdominopelvic surgery like prostatectomy, hernia repair and the like

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Your first visit will be 60 minutes ($145) and gives us the time to discuss your unique health picture (history, current complaints and goals), clinically assess your current movement or functional restrictions, determine a working diagnosis, discuss findings and treatment options, as well as provide some hands on treatment and get you set up with a home program. It would be a good idea to bring any relevant and recent documentation including imaging reports (e.g. Xray, MRI, etc.) or a physicians referral, a pair of shorts and tee shirt, and a cell phone, tablet or digital camera as Andrea uses this technology to enhance your care by taking recordings or pictures of you (at your discretion) to remind and guide you in your homework.  

Andrea is now also able to use real time ultrasound (RTUS) imaging as a tool to more specifically, efficiently and non-invasively assess the function and integrity of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. We do require your physician or midwifes support to be able to use this advanced practice tool with you, when indicated. If you are seeking Physiotherapy that is focused on an abdominal or pelvic concern or dysfunction and would like to ensure you are able to be assessed with RTUS please complete the linked request to ensure the proper paperwork is completed prior to your visit.

Follow-up visits will be 30 ($100) or 45 minutes  ($120) depending on the complexity of your care and recommended treatment plan. These times together will focus on providing you with hands on treatment, education, ideas on integrating new concepts into daily life, movement, exercise, and embodiment of key concepts, as well as reviewing and progressing your home program.

It is highly recommended that you book your first round of follow-up visits (typically 4-6, every 2-3 weeks) at your initial assessment to ensure frequency of care, progress, and return to heatlh as my schedule can get quite busy. 

For patients who have not been in for care within the past year, who have had a major change in their health, or would like to come in for a new concern please make sure to book a 45 minute appointment to ensure adequate time for assessment and treatment.

Please note that to ensure the highest quality of care I set aside a considerable amount of time for our sessions. As such, I ask that you be respectful and responsible of our time together and should you need to reschedule or cancel, please provide at least 24 hours (1 business day) notice. This will allow for appropriate time to reschedule your treatment plan, as well as get other patients' awaiting care in off my waitlist. Missed or late cancelled appointments are charged the full appointment fee. Reminder emails are a courtesy only. 

Want to learn more without the commitment of a full assessment? Book your complimentary 15 minute Phone Consultation with Andrea to discuss any questions you may have including if she thinks her treatment approach would be a good fit for you. There is no fee for this service, however you are required to make an appointment so we don't miss each other.

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