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On a Video Call


Get treated one on one or join a group class or workshop online via secure video. 

Residents of Ontario can now access one on one or group care with Andrea to support function and wellness even if you are unable to make it into the clinic. All you need is an Internet connection and access to a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

While there will always be circumstances where an in person visit is required &/or preferred, research indicates that virtual visits can address and treat similar needs and to the same level of care that an in person visit can.

If you are unsure if Telehealth would be a good fit for you, please read our commonly asked questions below or schedule a 15 minute complimentary phone or virtual consultation with Andrea.

Online Yoga


  • Those who may have new or worsening symptoms (#covid) where they may need or prefer to stay home

  • Any individuals with transportation or mobility difficulties (acute or chronic)

  • New mom’s who find it difficult to come in person either before or after their 6 week postnatal in-person check up

  • Individuals whose care no longer requires manual therapy, but is focused more on exercise progression, education, lifestyle medicine and integration, among other non-manual therapies or treatment requiring close supervision

  • Professionals whom are stuck at the office and can’t get away for care

  • Someone living in a remote community with no local clinic to attend

  • Weather makes it so you can’t get out to the clinic

  • Those who live in a community that does not have the specific services you need

  • Practitioners whom wish to consult with an advanced practice provider


We are looking forward to seeing you online!

Whether planned or needing to switch last minute, we can make it work.

However, there are a few things you can do prior to your appointment to get the most out of it and limit any potential hiccoughs. Check them out below:

UPDATE & VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION: Ensure that your Jane profile and contact information is up to date, including emergency contacts prior to your appointment. We require this, by law, to be able to provide Telehealth services

COMPLETE TELEMEDICINE INTAKE FORM: Complete the Jane online Telemedicine Intake Form (in your Jane Profile > Intake Forms) so that we can more efficiently and effectively provide care by knowing what equipment you have available at home. If you do not have any of the equipment listed on the Intake Form, no problem. We are very creative about using everyday household items as therapy tools or exercise equipment.


UPDATE SOFTWARE, CLOSE EXTRA APPLICATIONS, CHARGE YOUR DEVICE: Make sure all relevant software (i.e. internet browser) is up to date, including even restarting your device. Ensure you are near a strong internet connection via wifi or ethernet cable. We advise closing all other programs on your computer during your session. For virtual Physio and Clinical Exercise appointments, as well as Personal Training and Group Classes, follow all instructions from Embodia email.


ENSURE YOU HAVE A QUIET AREA: Ensure you are in a relatively quiet, private and clear space. For Physiorehab or Movement classes, having a big enough space for you to lay down, sit, stand and move with at least 3-4 metres of distance around you would be ideal. Having any exercise equipment or alternatives nearby will help to save time.

LOG IN AT LEAST 5 MINUTES EARLY: Give yourself enough time for last minute glitches so you can make sure you maximize your time together. Think about where and how your device will be situated &/or supported to allow for the best interaction through video.

For Physiorehab or Group classes: Via your Embodia invite email (provided at least 24 hour in advance of you appointment).

For Naturopathic Medicine or Nutrition: Info provided in your Jane reminder email that is automatically sent out 3 days prior to your appointment.

IF YOU HAVE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Contact the Front Desk immediately if you are having any last minute technical difficulties at 613-725-9496. For any other technical support, please contact the software provider directly (i.e. Zoom or Embodia:

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