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20 minutes of gentle yoga for your daily self care.

Please only do what feels safe for you with this practice. Consult a healthcare provider if unsure. 

Facebook Live event with Amanda DeGrace of Little Lotus Yoga on everything related to women's & pelvic health including incontinence, pain with intercourse, postnatal recovery and more!

Facebook Live Event with Tatiana Plechenko on

anything and everything women's & pelvic health related.

From immediate things to do postpartum or even if you are only just getting back to focusing on your after years of babies and life, we can work with that. :) 

Incontinence, pelvic pain, mommy tummy, pain with intercourse, diastsis recti, constpation, {fill in the blank} are common conditions for women, especially after babies, but they are NOT NORMAL and can be helped.

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