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Treatment Techniques - Integrative Physiotherapy 

As each person is unique in their movement and health profile, a cohesive blend of treatment techniques are utilized in a protocol-free, functional and individualized approach. Andrea wants you to be an active part of your health and healing - so providing her with feedback on what you are feeling during and after treatment, as well as what is working (or not) for you in your self care and homework is vital to your success. A space of non-judgement and open dialogue is always maintained throughout your care. 


Education: Empowering you with the knowledge of what is going on in your body is the first step towards making positive change. Andrea believes in helping you to become an expert in your own body, identifying more easily its cues and providing you with the information and tools you need to achieve your goals. She explains the anatomy and physiology of what she is finding, what she is doing and why, and how it will assist in your recovery. If ever you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Gentle Joint Mobilization: Working gently with the articular (joint) system of the skeleton assists in restoring optimal alignment, movement, and control to the body, helping to reduce muscular imbalances, nerve irritations, and pain. No fast or aggressive force is ever used and the technique is very specific. 


Myofascial Release: The myofascia (“myo-fa-sha”) is the three dimensional muscular and fascial/ connective tissue system of the body that surrounds, infiltrates, and connects every tissue, organ, and cell of your body from head to toe and skin to spine. It's function is to provide support and structure to the body as well as work as a bracing mechanism from injuries. Release of these tissues will facilitate increased flow of blood, lymph, neural and hormonal messages, as well as freer movement of the tissues themselves and the bones and joints they connect to. Pressure can range from gentle to deep depending on the restriction and structures being targeted. Trained through John F. Barnes, PT.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy: Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) works with the skull, spine and sacrum, as well as the neural and endocrine systems in a very gentle and subtle way. Through identifying and releasing restrictions in these systems (composed of neural, fascial, articular, and vascular tissues) the body’s physiology can rebalance, freeing the very important central and autonomic nervous systems to function unencumbered. CST is integral for cases of infertility caused by hormone dysregulation, as well as those with a history of head or pelvic trauma. Trained through John F. Barnes, PT and Doreen Killens, PT.


Visceral Manipulation: Just like muscles, joints and nerves, our internal organs and their surrounding structures can get stiff or stuck, reducing mobility, function and affecting their neighbours and other systems. Applying this gentle manual therapy directly to the affected organs optimizes not only their mobility, but also their biochemistry and function through freeing their environment. This is especially important for anyone with a history of abdominal  or pelvic surgeries, as well as gastrointestinal dysfunction. Trained through the Barral Institute.


Breath, Mindfulness, and Movement/ Yoga: Breath is our life force, connecting body and mind, providing oxygen to our cells, changing our physiology, and altering our perceptions and stress response. Using breath with awareness (or mindfulness) alone has been shown to improve mental-emotional health, as well as physical health and longevity. Add with that tailored movement to enhance treatment, empowering you in your health and you have an amazing self care toolbox with which to make big positive change. Trained through the Sacred Movement School of Yoga (200 hour Hatha), Medical Therapeutic Yoga with Dr. Ginger Garner, DPT and Pain Care Yoga with Neil Pearson, PT. 

Hypopressives - Low Pressure Fitness: Content coming soon. Check out my most recent blog post to learn more in the meantime. 

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine: Content coming soon. Trained through the Integrative Women's Health Institute with Dr. Jessica Drummond, DPT.

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