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True Diaphragmatic Breathing - for optimal core & pelvic floor function

Breath. It is our life force. It gives us movement, energy and connectedness (to ourselves and each other).

This is something I find a lot of us take for granted and is something I teach to all my patients. Not only for the important reasons above, but also because how we breathe effects our alignment, how we move, and how we are able to control our bodies in space and for the tasks we want to do.

But it is more than just belly breathing! For most people I see, they deep breathe by pressurizing their abdomen and lose the ribcage movement required for full diaphragm excursion (because our diaphragm attaches to the lower 5 ribs and so they need to move well in order for the diaphragm to move maximally).

Here's how you deepen your breath even more: with your inhale, direct your breath to the back sides of your lower ribs allowing them to move up and back like a bucket handle. Try to balance the belly, lower rib and chest expansion (think 3D like opening an umbrella rather then just out the front); exhale and see if you can deflate all areas. Try it seated or standing with hands on the back sides of your lower ribs; resting child's pose or on your back and see how these different positions change how much you feel your lower ribcage moving and how holistic your breath is:)

What's your favourite breathing exercise? What do you do it for?

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