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Prenatal Pelvic Floor Workshop for Expectant Mama's  - Meet our Teachers:)

Andrea Plitz, PT & RYT   
Physio. Yogi. Mom
Co-creator & Lead Teacher

Integrating her Physio and Yoga knowledge, Andrea loves to blend the art and science of movement, energy and breath creating space for awareness, connection and ease to return to the body and mind.


She loves working with women at this special time in their lives, helping to expand knowledge, experience connections, and embody movements that allow for a happy and health pregnancy, birth and recovery to life and play postpartum.

Lisa Flanders, PT
Physio. Weightlifter. XFitter.
Co-creator & Teacher

Lisa has a strong background in crossfit and weightlifting, and believes in functional fitness (fitness that makes you stronger in everyday life). She loves to apply her knowledge to her clients so they can remain active and healthy throughout their lifespan. Whether your goal is safely lifting a growing baby, moving furniture or lifting a barbell full of weights, Lisa will educate on functional movements as they relate to a healthy pelvic floor and functional deep core system.

For more info on Lisa, please check out her bio:

Monate Praamsma, PT
Physio. Adventurer. Mom of 3.

Monate has a strong expertise in exercise prescription. She is passionate about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Monate loves to use movement, breath and education to empower women with knowledge about their body and specifically their pelvic floor and core. Monate’s goal is for women to connect to their body and use movement, posture, breath, alignment and exercise to help women feel their best pre and post-natally. With her personal experiences of a c-section, then 2 vaginal births (vbacs), Monate looks forward to sharing what she has learned both personally and clinically. 

For more info on Monate, please check out her bio:

Teagan Sturrus.jpg
Teagan Sturrus, PT  
Physio. Crafter. Baker.

Teagan began her career working in orthopedics but she quickly found pelvic health and discovered her passion.  She loves working with clients in all stages of their pregnancy journey including pre-conception.  Her goal is to help women understand their body and its changes to support a healthy pregnancy and get women back to doing the activities they love postpartum.  She has experience with fertility treatments, both personally and clinically, and is happy to support women in all stages of treatment. 

Teagan will be teaching our February workshop in Carleton Place.
Lauren Morley, PT  
Physio. Mama. Aspiring endurance athlete

Lauren is a passionate pelvic health and visceral physiotherapist who seeks to support women's health through all aspects of their lives. 


Her fascination with the human body's incredible capacity for growth, adaptation and performance was further fuelled by her own pregnancy and birth experience. She has taken extensive courses to further her understanding of maternal and fetal mechanics of pregnancy and delivery and strives to integrate balance, alignment and functional exercise with all of her expectant clients.  Her goal is to support mamas throughout the uniquely physically and emotionally challenging process of pregnancy, birth, and recovery.  


In her free time, she enjoys music, learning, and running (always!) after her adventurous toddler. 

Lauren will be teaching our fall session in Kanata.

Sarah Trottier, PT  
Physio. Athlete. Dog lover.


Sarah grew up in Northern Ontario, and was very active in the sporting community, which played a huge role in her becoming a physiotherapist. She realized early on in her career that she had an interest in pelvic health, and has fallen in love with helping women and men achieve their ultimate function. 


Sarah is passionate about educating and facilitating safe return to exercise and sport. She understands that pelvic floor issues may be a vulnerable topic, but she believes that her compassionate approach and friendliness can help clients feel empowered in a comfortable and safe environment.


In her spare time, Sarah enjoys walking her 2 doodles, playing sports, spending time with family, and knitting. 


Sarah will be teaching our central workshop this coming March.

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