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Andrea's unique background of orthopaedic, women's health and pelvic floor physiotherapy, coupled with Yoga, provides a holistic paradigm to your health, movement & quality of life.


Looking at the body as an integrated system of myofascial, articular (joint), neural, visceral (organ), as well as cognitive and emotional components, Andrea is able to more quickly find the root cause(s) and address influencing factors to relieve symptoms while helping to restore optimal movement, energy & breath.

Musculoskeletal Physio

Complex or chronic complaints that have plateaued with traditional care.

Pelvic Floor & Women's Health

Bladder, bowel, sexual, reproductive or abdominal dysfunction for both men & women including pre & post natal.

Workshops, classes, ...

Pre/ post natal yoga, "birth" classes, yoga teacher trainings, birth pros education, mentorship and more.

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