Prenatal 101 & Birth Prep

Resources for any stage of your pregnancy. Including what to expect with basic body changes and  the birth process. Alongside educational prenatal classes and birth classes that answer basic questions for you and your birth team.

Prenatal Classes

Ottawa Public Health

Online prenatal class - A New Prenatal Life Description: offered in a series of 8 modules Covers topics including health pregnancy, preterm labour and low birthweight, breastfeeding, preparation for parenting, caring for a newborn and infant safety In-person prenatal classes Description: prenatal class for expectant parents Offered in English and in French Taught by a public health nurse Covers birth basics, breastfeeding tips and techniques, baby basics/ preparing for parenthood Where: offered at 7 branches of the Ottawa Public Library (Alta Vista, Beaverbrook, Cumberland, Nepean/Centrepointe, North Gloucester, Barrhaven, St. Laurent) Cost: free Pregnancy Circles (English, French, Chinese) Description: prenatal classes/program for expectant parents needing extra support Run by a public health nurse Discuss topics including staying health during pregnancy, breastfeeding, coping with labour and birth, caring for your baby, and community resources Young parents prenatal classes (up to 25 years of age) Cost: free

Ottawa Childbirth Education Association (OCEA)

Prenatal Classes Description: prenatal class for expectant parents Recommended to be taken between 20-36 weeks One day class covers your birth support team, stages and phases of labour, comfort measures, pain management, interventions and infant feeding resources Two day class covers your birth support team, stages and phases of labour, comfort measures, breath awareness, pain management, decision-making and giving consent, methods of induction, interventions in labour, post-birth procedures for babies and women, resources in Ottawa and infant feeding One day class uses lecture style but the two day class includes videos, hands on practice, small group discussion and relaxation exercises Where: multiple locations in Ottawa Bringing Home Baby Class Description: Hands-on parents class for expectant parents Covers topics including how to decide what items to buy for baby, basic baby care, cloth vs. disposable diapers, babywearing and using baby carriers, breastfeeding and introducing solids, car seat selection and installation, infant CPR review, baby proofing your home, common injuries and prevention and where to buy home safety products Where: multiple locations in Ottawa Comfort measures class Description: Hands-on session to teach coping strategies and provide tips for labour and birth (not a full prenatal class) Where: multiple locations in Ottawa Multiple Birth Class Description: prenatal class for parents expecting multiples Recommended to be taken between 15-28 weeks Covers stages of labour, vaginal and C-section birth, physical recovery tips post-birth testing for infants, infant feeding, tips for long-term NICU stays, life with multiple newborns, infant care and creating a support plan for families to multiples Uses variety of methods including videos, hands-on practice, small group discussion and relaxation exercises Where: multiple locations in Ottawa

Mothercraft Ottawa

Prenatal Education Description: prenatal class for expectant parents Provides comprehensive overview of prenatal, birth and postpartum choices based on best practices and recommendations from Health Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Association Includes comfort measures for each stage and phases of labour and delivery, relaxation and breathing techniques, postpartum adjustments, feeding and basic newborn care, life as a new family and community resources Where: 475 Evered Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

MotherWit Birth Essentials

Ottawa Birth Essentials Prenatal Classes Description: Prenatal class delivered by Certified Doulas. Comprehensive childbirth education covering birth, coping and partner skills, options in childbirth, newborn feeding and bonding, baby care and the new family. Includes birth Essentials swag bag, online access to notes/readings and videos, postpartum check-in by phone after delivery, access to weekly Pregnant and New Mom Meet-ups, access to lending library, referrals to other local pregnancy resources. Where: MotherWit Doula Care, 779 Bank St #203 Ottawa, ON

Basic Changes, Preparation for Birth

Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy Info

  • An evidence-based website about pregnancy and childbirth for the Canadian public and healthcare professionals.
  • Provides accurate, credible and up-to-date information and education on topics related from pre-conception through postpartum.
  • Developed by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC)

Pregnancy 101

Pregnancy 101 Online resource that covers what to expect during pregnancy, how to have a safe pregnancy, how to stay healthy in pregnancy, and a variety of topics related to labour and birth

The Mothers’ Program

The Mothers' Program Website that comprehensively covers all topics associated with pregnancy (pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum) and infant care as well as external links to other reliable resources on pregnancy and women’s health.



  • Provides trusted, evidence-informed advice to support your pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
  • Allows women to set up a personal pregnancy profile, receive links and expert advice on the stages of pregnancy, allows women to see the size of their pregnancy as they grow and connection with Ontario programs, resources and maternity care providers.
  • Accessible online or as a mobile phone application

Having a Baby

Having a Baby

  • Provides women and families with information about pregnancy, childbirth, and choosing the best care.
  • Developed by the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM)

Cesarean Awareness

International Cesarean Awareness Network

  • Provides women and families with information about maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery, and advocating for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

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