Postpartum Movement and Wellness

Fitness classes for mom and baby. Both in person and online. Including postpartum yoga, Mom and Baby walking classes and more.

Group, Workshop and individual Birth Trauma Healing and Birth Story Sharing.

Postpartum Fitness

Mom & Baby Postpartum Yoga

Pranashanti Yoga Centre

52 Armstrong St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2V7


Little Lotus Yoga

Offered at various locations. Please see their schedule.


Rasa Nutrition

Ottawa Jewish Community Centre, 21 Naldony Sachs Pvt., Ottawa ON

For registration information, please contact: 613-798-9818.

Other Fitness Classes

Dovercourt Recreation

Offers postnatal yoga, postnatal TRX and Core Conditioning with Baby, Postnatal Aqua with Baby, Parent and Baby Variety Class, Postnatal Pilates, Postnatal Spin and Core Conditioning with Baby.

411 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0S9 or 613-798-8950 ext. 0


Offers both indoor and outdoor postnatal fitness class with babies.

Various locations, dependent on class.

Salsa Babies

Designed for parents with babies 6-8 weeks, snuggled into baby carriers while parents learn Latin moves.

Various locations, please see website.

Contact: or (613) 897-3264

Trinity Training -- Fit Mama Project (ONLINE)

Online fitness training for new moms. 12 week program; provides quick at-home workouts and schedule.

Contact: 905-693-0111 or

Fitness with Jules

Offers various mom-and-baby friendly programs, including Mum&BabyGym, Stroll & Roll and Back to Work program. Free indoor stroller workout available at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre

Offered at various locations.


Kate Laird, Personal Trainer

Offers mom and baby bootcamp at CrossFit 1855 --

1523 Lapierre Street, Ottawa ON. Also offers personal training sessions.

Contact: or 613-884-8572

Integrate Healthcare Collective

Postpartum Yoga with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy support

Your initial physiotherapy assessment visit must be completed prior to starting the yoga sessions.

Offered at 102 Lewis Street, Ottawa ON

Contact: 613-230-7891

Online Postpartum Fitness

Bellies Inc

Bellies Inc The Ab System provides you with the prenatal Core Confidence Exercise Program to help you prepare, the Ab Tank and patented Ab Wrap to help your pelvis and abdomen recover AND the restorative Core Confidence Exercise Program to help rebuild and restore your core from the inside out.

The Belle Method

The Bump Method – 4th Trimester Postpartum The Bump Method 4th trimester postpartum exercise program is designed to restore your core from the inside out, repair diastasis recti (overstretched separated abdominals, aka ‘mummy tummy’) and re-train your deepest layer of abdominal muscles! Heal your pelvic floor, address incontinence and reclaim your fitness confidence.

Core Exercise Solutions

Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT, CNC Pelvic Floor Perfect This program is perfect for those looking to stop leaks and decrease prolapse. Get ready for confidence in your pelvic floor. On top of a research-based workout plan, you will learn the why behind it all. To fix your pelvic floor you'll also need to align your posture and strengthen your core and hips, so be ready for total body results! Diastasis Fix: Connect Your Core This program is perfect for those looking to close a diastasis or regain muscle tone/tighten their core after having a baby. Learn how to stack your body properly to support your healing process.

Jessie Mundell

Core & Floor Restore

  • For postpartum people who have had a vaginal or Cesarean birth within recent weeks or many years postpartum.
  • An online, 8-week, 8-minutes per day postnatal restorative exercise program that helps to rehab your abs, heal your pelvic floor, and lead you to improved function.
  • Learn how to engage through your abdominals, core and pelvic floor muscles in parenthood, while setting the foundation of strength and function for when you are ready to return to more intense exercise.

Fit Mom Fitness

Postnatal Fitness

  • New moms with abdominal separation
  • Moms who need extra support to achieve their goals.
  • Those who are highly athletic who want to avoid injury.
  • Moms with multiple kids who can't make it to a class.
Beyond Women who are moms who have any type of goal they need support, motivation and professional guidance. Via Skype Perfect for moms who want to do it after kids are in bed, or while travelling for work or pleasure. At FITMOM we have offered professional guidance from CANADA TO JAPAN. You will never miss a session!

Mommy Berries

Your New Body Each woman is unique and therefore has a unique postpartum experience. It is common for women to feel disconnected, uncoordinated and feel like they have been through a war after giving birth. The battle of childbirth often leaves you with pain, leaking, vaginal pressure and abdominal separation. Includes self care, postpartum body explained and manageable exercise.

Birth Trauma Healing and Birth Story Sharing

Group Services

Birthache Healing Group

Facilitated by Christiane Lafleche, a maternal mental health professional who values feminist empowerment and the gentle healing of mothers.The group is kept extremely small (3-4 participants). Following the mutual-aid model of group work, the Birthache Healing Group encourages the empowerment of group members through mutual sharing of resources, wisdom, and experiences.

Postpartum Warming Group

Support group for mothers to share their victories and setbacks on their pathway to motherhood. Facilitated by Christiane LaFleche.

Private Services

Birth Story Healing

Provides private sessions, workshops, retreats and courses that allow for mothers, partners and attendants to share their birth stories. Incorporates story telling and listening; creative expression through writing and/or art; mindfulness practice and birth awareness; gentle yoga.

Birth Story Medicine - Julia Nichol

Private session for clients to share their birth stories and feel a shift in how they feel about their birth. Fees apply.


Birth Story Listening

Provides Private and online sessions for healing from pregnancy and infant loss, for sharing birth stores, couples or parents wanting to prepare for pregnancy after challenging birth experience.


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