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Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre

Co-founded by Andrea Plitz and Lisa Flanders in September 2019 with the intention to create a space where individuals feel safe, heard and supported in their return to health, performance and every day life.


Supported by integrative health care professionals through applied manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, private high performance rehab & training, small group evidence-based therapeutic movement classes, naturopathic medicine, nutritional support, lifestyle medicine and a myriad of workshops to support you: body and mind. Our clinicians have a passion for and experience in treating conditions that affect women more or differently than men.

Bright but cozy, our private treatment rooms, private movement studio, and group studio spaces invite you to tune in, connect, and be present for your time with us. Our in house pilates reformer (spring resisted strength trainer), squat rack, kettle bells, free weights, and yoga props are integrated seamlessly to progress your rehab.

Select therapeutic tools and self care products are available for your convenience and to enhance your care.

Learn more about Bloom and how we can help you do more of what you love here.  

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