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Applied Abdominal Pelvic Health

Women's Health including Pre-Post Natal, Athletes & Fertility

Complex or Chronic Orthopaedics

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states.”

- Carol Welch -

Hi, I'm Andrea Plitz


Co-Founder & Physiotherapist at Bloom Integrative Health & Movement Centre

As a physiotherapist and yoga teacher Andrea loves to blend the science and art of biomechanical diagnosis and holistic therapeutics with movement, energy, and breath. 

She believes a big part of that is helping people to reconnect with their bodies in a new and individualized way taking into consideration their unique health and movement profile. This allows the body and mind to work together to enhance outcomes, integrating positive change in an easy and holistic manner to improve health, function, and movement, returning to oneness. 


A combination of manual therapy including gentle joint mobilizations, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, exercise rehabilitation including integration of breath, Yoga, Pilates, Hypopressives – Low Pressure Fitness, and other mindful movement therapies, are used in a protocol-free, individualized and functional approach. More recently, Andrea has also been exploring and taking advanced trainings in Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine to understand and support the deeper biochemistry of patients in relation to their complaints. 

COVID UPDATE (January 21, 2021):

Considered an essential service, Physiotherapy treatments, including one on one and small group rehab classes, are able to remain open during provincial restrictions. These are provided both in person in clinic, as well as online from the comfort of your home. 


If you are attending in person, we ask that you:
1. Pass online COVID screen prior to arrival; emailed 24 hours prior to appointment
2. Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to appointment start time; through front only
3. Wear a mask in all areas at all times
4. Sanitize hands upon entry, before cleaning equipment and at exit
5. For classes: Fill furthest mat first
6. Exit out the back, as able (stair access only)
7. Move online as needed


Should you need or prefer to switch how you will be accessing your appointment (i.e. to virtual) please provide the front desk with as much notice as possible, for both individual or group care.


Learn more about virtual care and how to prepare ahead of time to optimize your time together online.

Learn more about Andrea's Infection Control Policies and Procedures.


Musculoskeletal Physio

Complex or chronic complaints that have plateaued with traditional care.

Pelvic Floor & Women's Health

Bladder, bowel, sexual, reproductive or abdominal dysfunction for both men & women including pre & post natal.

Workshops, classes, ...

Pre/ post natal yoga, "birth" classes, yoga teacher trainings, birth pros education, mentorship and more.

Connect with Me

On Maternity Leave Until April 2021

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